A Day trip to Capri

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Lucky enough I got to spend a day trip in the marvellous island of Capri. An Italian island, located off the southern coast in the Gulf of Naples, near Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. I only wished during this visit to have more time to spend, in order to satisfy my eyes with the charming sceneries.

Coming from Napoli we chose the speed boat to arrive to Capri as we were dropped to the Marina Grande of capri, from there we took the bus and headed to our first sight that I’ve been waiting so long to take a photo shot there and that’s Via Krupp !! Walking through Capri town bustling with tourist and Italians coming down from the north to enjoy the beauty of their southern islands . The only way to enjoy marching on Via Krupp is Walking and walking towards the sign saying The Augustus Gardens these gardens are on top of Via Krupp and sadly once we got there the security informed us that Via Krupp is closed and nobody is allowed to march down due to falling of rocks from top ! But I still got my historic picture with my hubby from top. As usual during my trips, I come with a preplanned Itinerary for places to visit/eat and during this trip i had to fit in two lunches, a spa treatment, shopping and a gelato experience !

Many of you would ask me what to expect while visiting Capri I would answer you ; honestly if you are looking to reward your eyes with turquoise water, stunning landscapes, cosy beaches, Italian cute alleys, world elite travelers or even experiencing mouth drooling seafood & pastas, yummy Icecream, water taxis, and amusing convertible taxi rides well then you’ve got to visit Capri !!

Where to Stay ?  Capri or Anacapri ?

Since we only spent a day trip we didn’t get to try the hotels but before booking you should know that the Island of Capri is composed of two municipalities one is called Capri and another Anacapri.

The famous question ” Stay in Capri or Anacapri ??

If you wish to stay in the busy area bustled with tourist and walking distance to the downtown piazetta well then you have to choose among the hotels located in Capri. For a more tranquil atmosphere and a relaxing stay then definitely choose Anacapri. Both are super gorgeous personally I would choose Capri as a sleep in.



#Caesar Augustus

I would recommend this hotel , as we spent couple of hours on the pool enjoying the scenery and a sun tan also tried their exceptional outdoor Spa


# Capri Tiberio Palace (5*)

While strolling around the city we stumbled upon this hotel and just for curiosity we went in to check it out for a later visit, so the location is strategic and close by to most areas and for sure overlooks the blue sea. And don’t let me start with the interior design because its just an A+ ! As its a five stars hotel so its upon the luxury listings , if you gonna go high then just book here or else look for hotels close by.

# Grand Hotel Quisisana (5*)

You can’t pass by Capri’s Piazzetta and overlook Capri’s Celebrity Catwalk the famous Quisi Bar, an outdoor bar filled with high society crowd. Another five stars hotel that will take your breath away , its among the LWH “Leading World Hotels” again you can’t go wrong if you’re planning a 5* hotel stay !

There are plenty of other hotels in the same area that are not 5* so for those who area looking for a stay just check the hotels around these two you will find plenty of beautiful hotels cheaper and perfectly located !

 Beaches to visit while in Capri Island 

If you’re looking for the long sandy beaches well Capri is not the place to be although the beaches are to die for but not sandy. Expect a small rocky beaches with colourful umbrellas and a casual set up . Beaches only in Capri , in Anacapri you just enjoy the sea view from top .

So you can either go to the public beaches in these destinations or choose a private club/restaurant, either or the sea is crystal blue !

Marina Grande

Marina Piccolo (reached by walking down Via Krupp)

At the foot of the Faraglioni (La Fontelina)




  • Capri Town:  The town’s square, Piazza Umberto mainly the first sight
  • Via Krupp
  • Augusto Gardens
  • Anacapri’s Monte Solaro
  • Villa San Michele in Anacapri for great view
  • Blue Grotto

Restaurant Recommendations in Capri & Anacapri 

Well since I was so persistant to try at least two restaurants in the beautiful Capri we managed to have an early lunch in one and a later lunch in another well when was i gonna go to Capri anytime soon ??

*La Fontelina @ Capri 

Casual Dining or Lunch  (Italian)

By the sea


TravelConmigo’s Experience @ La Fontelina: 

My desire to try this restaurant goes back to 2014 when Dolce Gabbana launched their Alta Moda Fashion Show/Campaign there and chose this legendary beach/restaurant. A perfect southern italian experience and it can’t get any better ! A fun long walk to get to the restaurant, little bit slippery and steep but if you are willing to walk and enjoy a 360 degrees of blue and green scenery then just do it ! (Only Accessible by foot or by boat)

*Restaurant La Terrazza di Lucullo

Refined Lunch/Dinning experience

Spectacular Sea View from top


According to Condé Nast Traveller, La Terrazzo di Lucille ranked 5th among islands of the world’s 

restaurants ! 

TravelConmigo’s Experience @ La Terrazza di Lucullo

The service is outstanding, the food is just mouth drooling (I personally chose their signature dish which is the Ravioli Caprese filled with ricotta cheese Yummie !! ), and by all means the view is everything !

*Gelateria Buonocore

Casual Gelato place not to miss

You won’t be able to resist the smell of baking waffle cones coming from the front window of Gelateria Buonocore, oh and don’t give up even if you see the long line well thats a sign that its so worth it right !

Where to Shop?

If you are looking more into high-end  luxury shopping then Capri town is the place and the shopping area is stretched from the Piazzetta to Via Camerelle and Via Le Botteghe. Whereas Anacapri will offer more local artisanal products .


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